Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Becky Baldhead

I know you are thinking what in the world is a Becky That's me! It's an ugly nickname someone made up for me as a child. See my Mother was in the Military so coming up we traveled a lot. When we would come home to visit family in Baltimore people would say "you talk like a white girl" hence the name Becky.

As for the Baldhead part it's pretty funny now has this came about, but back then it wasn't. My Mom has never been able to do hair very well. People have their strengths and clearly that wasn't hers. To add to the challenge of doing my hair my Mom had to deal with how course it is. Not tormented it's very very thick. In order to make my hair more manageable my Mom tried out all types of products. Eventually the mixing of the different chemicals caused major damage and all of my hair feel it; hence the name Baldhead. Believe me when I say I was teased to no end. My Mom tried to fix it by trying anything should could to make it grow back, but it never really did. It wasn't until I got older and was able to make decisions for myself and not tel her put all that stuff in my hair was it able to grow.

As a little girl I was devastated. I could wear my hair in all the fancy little styles all the other girls wore because I had no hair. I even remember my braids(extensions) slipping out because my hair wasn't long enough to really grasp. Back then I felt so unpretty and had a number of insecurities from something that I just could not control.

As I think about the effects of being called Becky Baldhead really did haunt me for years. I mean really who wanted to be the girl with no hair. I sure didn't, I wanted to have long hair. I often experimented with hair weaves and extensions, fighting the urge to be the baldheaded Ms. Becky. You would have thought I was Regine from "Living Single" I had so many wigs and weaves.

It wasn't until I took a good look in the mirror and fell love with me the way God made me; to realize all those years I was crazy. "God made me just as I am," I thought. I started to think about what looks good on me and what complimented my life and style. After trying style after style after style; I finally I embarrassed my inner Becky. Now I think I represent Ms. Baldhead very well. I've been rocking my short and sassy cut for YEARS now and I LOVE it.

Anytime I feel like I want to change it up, I do it. I've take the cut a little shorter. I've let it grow a little. I've even added a piece or two for the color effect. At the end of the day it's still me. I don't lose or gain anything from not having long hair. If anything having short hair defines me and my style. Why do I say that? Well, because it works for me. I can't imagine me rocking it any other way.

I'm saying all of this to say that those insecurities that people used to condemn you, let them better you. If they teased you about your big lips then work your big lips. If they teased you about your big feet then put on some hot shoes on those feet and roll. God made you. Every single inch of you is of his design. I don't know about yours, but my God...he doesn't make junk!

Until next time!
Peace and Blessing,

Nika "The PR Diva"

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