Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boys, Bubbles, and Butterflies...

I don't know what happen in the past few months but there has been another change of events. I have all of a sudden turned girly. All I can think about is boys (MEN), bubbles (FUN), and butterflies (the feeling boys and butterflies give you). Ladies and gentlemen...I'm boy crazy and LOVING IT! For two years almost I've locked myself in a closet refusing to get out and have fun. Partly because I was still healing form my big break up with Melo, see blog Dceptacon Blues. I was so depressed!!! I spent a lot of my time moping around like a soggy mop. I guess time really does heal all wound because after months of payer and regeneration I finally got the strength to move forward. Not that I hadn't gotten over Melo, I just felt like I had lost me in the process.

Forgetting him had made me forget what my life was before I met him. Event hough I know I was very good before I met him. So instead of reconnecting myself I re-invent myself. And now I'm out in these streets, cutting a few rugs, and wanting a kiss from every cute guy I meet. Ok maybe the kissing thing was a little too far but you get it, I'm having fun. After all of the emotional rollarcoaster rides I put myself on; this by far is the most fun of all. This feeling I have right now is like I'm at the top of the hill. Even though I know what's coming my way (butterflies all the way down) I can't help but cover my eyes so I can feel every bump. Meanwhile the flowers are blooming again, I heard the birds chirping, and the cherry blossoms are beautiful this year.

I had no idea it would be so much fun re-establishing my likes, dislikes and enjoying the company of some very cool guys in the process. I've even met some cool chicks too. All of which I've grown fond of the past couple of months. Am I looking for love??? No, I'm just doing with guys do, I'm making it work with whomever is around. I'm having late night conversations on the phone. I'm having dinner in places I normally wouldn't eat in. I'm taking long walks in the city, parks, and boardwalks. You know living life. The best part about nit is everytime I give out my number I'm not picturing him at the end of the isle. What I am doing is thinking about how many times he made me laugh or smile. We all know that being in love is intoxicating. So just because I'm not in love doesn't mean I can't enjoy the possibility that I might fall.

Until next time I bid you Peace and Blessings!