Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lil Mama get it in...Yuuup she goes hard

Hello hello hello hell lo!!!!

I know it has been a while since I blogged but so much has been going on. I have about 5 blogs in my mind, so in the near future you WILL NOT be disappointed. What I have up my sleeve next will get you all buzzing again, I promise.

After I wrote the blog I said I'd never write, Deceptacon Blues, so much has changed for me. I have been going HARD! I still write for the Baltimore Examiner amongst a few other things. I now have a better position career wise. I'm now blogging with a few other ladies on a blog called "Chic Complexity". I have even become a permanent host on the blog talk radio show "How Waz your Weekend" that can be heard each and every Wednesday at 9PM eastern by going to the website or calling in at (646) 727-3279. Our next show we'll have Motivational Speaker Stan Miller and the topic will be DIVORCE: I said I do, but I didn't mean it. I hope you all tune in. I'm even hosting another party this Friday at Eden's Lounge in Baltimore. I've been BUSY!

As I move towards my quest of living my best life I am learning so much about myself. My likes, dislikes, and what makes me smile. I'm sure you're thinking that's something I should already know and I did. Now that I am getting older I am changing and so are my likes. Honestly I have to change in order to be able to move forward and make the moves God has created me to make. It's called progression.

Well I didn't want to hold you here for too long because you know I can talk and write some stuff however I did want to leave you with this. No matter what, God is in control so let's act like it.

Until next time Peace and Prosperity...