Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holy, Hoops, Heels and a Husband

Last week I had the chance to be a call in guest on Andy Brown's Blog Talk Radio Show "How Waz Your Weekend" and I loved it. The show airs each and every Wednesday at 9PM eastern standard. Make sure you check it out on June 30th. I will be a panelist and the discussion will be about "People who Lie to Date." I know that was my attempt at a shameless plug.

Anyways the topic of the show was about interracial dating and some how flipped into dating period. One of the panelist said the problem with black women is "they don't know what they want" which is so not true because I do. I've been known. I might not have told the world but I do know. Which leads me to this blog.

This blog was really hard to write because again I had to dig deep within myself and be vulnerable with you. I tell you after that show all I kept thinking was do I really know what I want. I thought about it. I prayed about it. All of a sudden it hit me YES, YES I DO. I truly know what I want out of life and I'm happy about that. I'm also happy to say I can some it up in four words that I call The 4 H's of Nika. Which are Holy, Hoops, Heels, and a Husband. Ok I know this is not what you are expecting but it's the truth. Walk with me as I explain to you. Here we go...


My favorite song of by Destiny Praise is "Holy is the Lord" and it goes..."Holy is the Lord God Almighty; Worthy to be Worshipped, Praised, and Adored. Holy is the King, the King of Glory. We will bow before you forever more. Holy is the Lord"

Ok just take a second and meditate on those words for me...Aaaahhh! I mean really do I need to say more? I am deeply in love with God. He is the head of my life and without him I am NOTHING. I choose to live like him and I strive to be Holy. Oh yes I o fall short but it doesn't stop me from giving God all I have for he is all I am.


Now this one can be used to symbolize two different wants. The first would be hoops the accessory and or fashion. I LOVE fashion and I can NOT live without it. My style identifies me and I have a special need to express myself using it. Each and every morning I get dressed I think about what message I am transcending with my clothes. I love my's a part of me. I'm sure some of you are thinking this is superficial but it's not. To me fashion is an art and everyday you're viewing MY creations.

The other symbolization oh hoops is sports. I am an athlete and I love sports. All through grade school I played basketball. In my early years I was a center. As I got older I moved into the position of a power forward. I know shocking right??? Would you believe I also was a cheerleader, ran track, played softball, and football? C'mon I'm sure you all know how passionate I am about my Anyways the reason I am such a sports fanatic is because I love comradery of playing with a team. I'm a people person and knowing that I have teammates around to assist me is a great feeling. I've always thought that's what being a Christian was about. Us working together as a team to defeat the Devil bringing the victory home to God. I mean that IS his promise to us right? Victory also know as eternal life. #TeamJesus


Despite the way of the world today what's the one shoes that is made just for women...Heels and I love them. Why??? Well not only because they make me feel tall and model-like, but because they make me feel like a women. I absolutely love being a women. I love girly things like the color pink, ruffles, and dresses. I love it, I love it, I love it! I could never trade this in for anything. A women is the heart of God. She is sensitive, she is vulnerable, she is a nurturer, and her biggest desire is to be loved by those who know her. Now doesn't that sound like God? I know that over the years so many things have pulled women away from the roles that we are created to play. However I do know my role and every chance I get to live in it I DO. It's like basking in the sun with no cares in the world. I'm a women and garsh darn it, it feels so so so so good.


This word really needs no explanation. Sure most women if not all at some point in time desired to have a husband. So being that I AM a women I want one too. Before this gets twisted I don't want just any man to call mine, but I do have a have a standard. In my mind I'm giggling thinking thank God my list isn't as long as Chilli's but I do have one. Well let me take that back, it isn't really a list it's a description. A very very very lengthy description that surprisingly doesn't has as much on it as hers. For example I don't have a kid or baby mama limit nor do I have any stipulations on looks or anything. It's more about the heart of the man.

The number one thing on my list is that he PUT GOD FIRST. The second is that not only does he know and understand my vision and I know his but that our visions align. I do not wanna be in a relationship with Jack who's vision is no where near mine and we spend our whole lives trying to get each other where the other is spiritually. That's not gonna work! That already sounds like chaos and I haven't even met Jack I can go on and on about my future husband but I'll save that for another blog. All you need to know is I want one. Seriously!

So there it is summed up in four words Holy, Hoops, Heels, and a Husband. I can NOT believe I shared that.

Peace and blessings until next time!

Nika "The PR Diva"


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Very interesting!!

  2. What a cute post filled with truths. Reading this came at just the right time. I too am a JESUS girl traveling the road called life actively waiting on the 'One'. My prayer has been & will continue to be that my future mates loves GOD so much there won't be a concern that he will love me or my son. Stay fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks you ladies for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I am so glad you can identify with me.

    @dIva mOm we are going to have to hold eachother accountable and not full off the wagon for some rift raft. *fist bump*