Friday, January 14, 2011

Yes, I'm 35 and Single!

So here we go kicking off the New Year trying to get right. In doing so I thought I should go ahead and get this blog out that I have been avoiding for a while. I really didn't want to explain myself because I don't feel like anything is wrong with my relationship status. I'm just tired of being asked "why are you single" over and over by so many people. So here it goes.

Reason #1 Because I want to be. I've never been one of those girls who dreamed of being married and had their wedding dress picked out by the time they was 12. I've always been the opposite. I never wanted kids, although I love them, and I never really thought about marrying anyone for real. Well I'll just say I hadn't until I was well in my 30s. See previous blog Chicks like me don't get Married.
Reason #2 I'm VERY career driven and my biggest goal in life has always been to reach my career max. While some women thought about big houses with white picket fences; I was dreaming of penthouse condos, private jets, and chauffeurs. Honesty I still am. LOL I've always thought of myself as being that woman who was always on the go, flying all over the world closing business deal after business deal. I couldn't dare imagine trying to cater to a husband and do all of those things. Being a single Mother is complicated but I make all the rules. When I roll my kid rolls with me. In a marriage that wouldn't be acceptable.

Reason #3  I'm afraid of commitment! Anything that requires me to commit to for a long period of time scares me. I don't care what it is. Buying a house, a car, or anything... I'm sure you are thinking "she's unstable" but that's not it. I just like to be free. I hate feeling as if I can't do certain things because of certain restraints. If I get a great opportunity that requires me to pick up and go to London for a few years I want to be able to go. I don't want to have anything holding me back. I know that sounds selfish but, I'm being honest. Being in a committed relationship means I have to make some adjustments that I'm not sure I'm ready to make right now.

Reason #4 I have a child.  Those of you who are single parents can relate to this so well. My job is to protect my child therefore everybody isn't fit to be around her. Do you know how many children have been harmed by their father figures??? Call me extra for that one but it's real. Things like this happen. I also have to think if this person will be a good father to my child and will he love her as his own. You see she and I are a package deal. So any man I chose now has the responsibility of taking care of both of us and that's a HUGE responsibility. Think about how it would feel to have to take care of someone else's child everyday. That's a lot! I think it takes a special man to do this.

Reason # 5 I haven't met my husband yet. I have a lot of great guy friends. I've even dated a few great guys. However, none of these relationships has made me want to take that step towards jumping the broom. Have I thought about it?  Absolutely but as soon as I get too deep something happens that pulls me out of it. I'm sure some day some guy will come into my life that I don't want to live a day without. When he does I guess that will be the day I decide to say I do. Until then I'm happily single. Enjoying this chapter of my life and staying focused on my goals of and vision.

So there you have it the top 5 reasons why I'm single. I'm thinking the next time I'm asked "why are you single?' I will direct them to this blog. HA!

Until next time I bid you Peace and Prosperity!